DFCA celebrates the 2011 FDR with a Volunteer Appreciation Party at Harold’s!

Without our committee members and volunteers, there would be no rodeo.  Each and every one of our volunteers makes a huge difference in the success our our event.  This year, on May 21st, we took a little time off to celebrate and recognize our outstanding players.  The 2011 nominations and winners are as follows:

DFCA DIRECTORS:  1st place – Mary Hart; 2nd place – Tina Hayden; 3rd place – Danny Piacquadio (criteria was for directors who took on a new role and really excelled)

DFCA MEMBERS: 1st place – Jean Glass; 2nd place – Dodie Hawkins; 3rd place – Teri Casale (criteria was members who stepped up before, during and after the event)

DFCA VOLUNTEERS: 1st place – JoAnn Regan; 2nd place – Sharon Guenther; 3rd place – Luke & Gina Kraut (criteria was for the volunteers who did whatever was asked of them at any time, regardless of the task)

What did they win?  1st place winners received a 2011 commemorative FDR buckle.  2nd place winners received a 2011 commemorative FDR knife.  3rd place winners received a 2011 commemorative flask.  T-shirts were also awarded to MVPs inlcuding Bill Buckles, Jim Olsen, Shelly Bates, Randi DeGarmo, Tiffany Byerly, Wendy Kerychuk and more. Patty Byerly received a $25 gift certificate to Harold’s Corral for being the MVP volunteer at the 1st Annual FDR Dan Lebsock Golf Tournament.

Congratulations to all the winners!  We can not tell you how much you are appreciated! We also recruited new members that day and look forward to seeing them rise through the ranks for next year’s party.

Here are a few pictures of the party with some of our winners:

Billy D with MVPs Shelly Bates & Bill Buckles

Mary Hart (center) - 1st place Directors Award - Go Mary!

Jean Glass - 1st place Member Award - Congratulations!

A very special thank you & shout out to Harold’s for providing the DFCA members and volunteers with the appetizers during the Volunteer Appreciation Party!


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